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So what exactly is a BALAYAGE...?


A balayage is a combination of freehand natural colour placement & foilage techniques. We work with blonde sections and lowlight sections to create ribbons of various tones throughout the hair. We blend the colours so you dont get the noticable regrowth you would with foils.

Why are there different prices for balayage?

Balayage is bespoke for every person - the results you want to achieve rely heavily upon a number of things; natural hair colour, colour build up, underlying tones, hair strength, lifting ability, techniques used to get the desired effects, additional

products to protect and tone the hair aswell as a stylists time, blood, sweat and tears..!


How do I get a price for my Balayage?

Heres a quick guide;


Icy White/Ash Blonde/Light as possible

Includes Olaplex, Toner, Cut & Finish


This is a softer but still beautiful balayage.

Natural Root/Face Framing/ Freehand

Includes Olaplex, Toner, Cut & Finish


A top up once you’ve reached the dream level - blend out the roots & brighten the blonde ends.

Faceframe/ Regrowth Blend / End Glaze

Includes Cut & Finish


Intrim appointments keep your greys away or maintain that icy blonde;

Glaze Toner & Blowdry from £45

Root touch up, Glaze & Blowdry from £65


If you would like a Balayage consultation, please message us with pictures of your current hair & desired look for a more accurate “Balayage” price!


Photo Credit:

Images are colour examples from the internet for blog purposes.

(Just until we are back in salon to create our own beautiful balayages again!)

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