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Lockdown No 3.

Nearly 7 weeks since we closed our doors for Englands Lockdown No 3, I can’t believe how fast it’s going.

Although we don’t yet have a set to reopen rest assured we have been doing plenty of work behind the scenes to bring you bigger and better things for 2021.

Sadly those appointments that were cancelled during lockdown will need to be rebooked once we have a date to reopen, any prebooked appointments in the diary already will still stand.

Once we have a set date for opening we will launch the online booking system. This is a great tool because you can book in as soon as we launch, at time of the day, you can access our full diary, choose your stylist & service, date and time to suit you, without having to wait for us to reply or confirm.

I will be doing a blog post on how to use the booking system so please take a read when we share it and familiarise yourself with the process - the most important thing is that we have the right time booked for your appointment.

If you are a technophobe like me - don’t panic...You can still message us to book In but do bear in mind it’s faster to secure your slot online...❤️

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