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Booking Requests

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Five things you need to know before we book your appointment. Client education is essential for us to be realistic with what we can do with your hair. Many of the photos we get shown may have been photo shopped, taken a stylist 8 hours to do, cost over £300 or they might just not be a maintainable colour. This article aims to educate you on what we can achieve and the reasons why we may not be able to achieve some requests we are shown during a standard colour appointment.

When booking you colour we require all new clients to have a patch test 24 hours before their appointment - please pop in for this anytime, it literally takes us two minutes!

1. Your Hair History

Why do we need to know this? Surely I can have any colour I choose? Incorrect, our results depend a lot on previous colours.

Imagine you have been colouring your hair black, red, plum, chocolate for a number of years - eventually these overlapping colours build up on the ends of your hair. In order to remove these colours we have a limited options - colour remover or bleaching. With either of these services we need hair that is in good condition or you can expect to go shorter!

We provide colour consultations for all of our clients, this allows us to discuss your options and gives us chance to recommend the right products to protect your hair during & after the colour process. If you have a hair colour build up - as stylists we need to allow time & clients should allow a bigger budget to reflect the work that needs to be undertaken, so please make this clear upon booking.

2. Realistic Expectations

As hairdressers our job is becoming increasing more difficult with the beautiful world of social media. Lots of customers come in with photos of their dream hair, which in the before & after photos looks like a quick, achievable job. As the professionals we know this is not always the case - some of these colours have taken the stylists up to 8 hours and the customers have paid over £300.00 for the days session.

As dedicated stylists we want to give you your dream colour - but please be prepared for this to mean:

- More than one colour session

- Additional protection & toners

- A home care package to maintain the colour

- Additional cost

Listen to your stylist & trust the process. Together we can reach the dream colour!

3. " I don't want any warmth" - the request we recieve the most.

This is where the science behind the hair does the talking. In order to lighten your hair we have to remove pigment, when we remove the pigment we reveal the "underlying pigment" and guess what? Its usually warm! Unless you are a natural blonde with no colour on your hair you will have underlying warmth. Any artificially coloured hair will have warmth - as a general rule darker levels lift with red/orange tones, medium levels lift with orange tones and lighter levels lift with yellow tones.

So how do we get around this? We tone out the warmth - but ! Toners are not permanent - therefore we always recommend toning shampoos & aftercare treatment to maintain the cool shades at home, we also provide toner boosters between appointments to keep that brassiness away!

4. Homecare Products

Lets get real, you would not buy a brand new pair of suede boots then take them home and put them in the washing machine would you? No. So why would you pay for beautiful high quality colours and ruin them in the wash with the wrong products?

The products we carry in salon are tried and tested with the colours that we use, they help to maintain your colour, preventing fading & add tone, making sure your hair looks just as good at home as it did the day you left the salon. In a nutshell - why spend £80-100 on your colour to look amazing for a week when for an extra £25 you could keep it looking amazing until the next time you visit! No brainer. Ask in salon about which products your hair will require.

5. Just a Trim - not really a cut?

For every head of hair, we comb, section, angle & cut whether its a little person or a big person, whether its a trim or two inches. Our routine and the time taken is still the same, so we have one price for cutting, if its a trim or a cut. Our prices are reflected by age so little people are slightly less and adults have their own set price.

Thankyou for reading our blog, we hope to see you soon! - Caribou Hair, Cornwall

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