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COVID 19 Salon Policy

Covid 19 has hit the hair industry hard, we have been shut since March 23rd 2020.

We are currently waiting for government officials to confirm whether or not we will be able to reopen on the 4th July 2020.

When we do reopen, there will be a 'new normal' in the salon, we request that all future clients read through our Covid 19 Policy and take action where needed. This may apply with booking appointments, deposits schemes, health & safety, wearing a mask etc.

Covid 19 Requirements

We have made the following changes within the salon to protect our staff and

any clients visiting. Please ensure you follow these guidelines when you attend your

appointment – these are NOT optional & you will be asked to leave the salon if they

are not followed.


· Appointments MUST be made on the telephone or Facebook prior to entering the salon, we will no longer be accepting ‘walk ins’

· Attend your appointment alone – no children or guests are allowed to wait within the salon.

· Please leave any personal possessions – handbags, coats to avoid cross contamination upon when hanging up.

· Please arrive promptly – appointments will be given specific time slots, if you miss your slot we will have to rebook you as we will be running to stricter times than usual.

· On the same note – please DO NOT arrive early as we cannot allow clients to wait inside due to restrictions on the number of people we can allow inside.

· Rebooking – If you need to rebook we will make a note of dates/times required if we can rebook at your appointment we will – if your booking require more time – PLEASE phone us once you are home to avoid having people congregating at the desk.


· Anyone entering the salon MUST wear a mask – please do not remove this under any circumstances when inside the salon.

· A hand sanitizing unit will be available as soon as you enter the salon, please use this upon entry. Hand washing facilities will be available in the toilet area – keeping a 2 metre distance from any other staff or clients we would then ask all clients to wash their hands too.

· Please pay by card where possible to avoid any cash handling.

· We will be unable to offer refreshments & magazines.

· Every client will have a freshly laundered gown & towel, all new PPE (and fresh PPE for your stylist) your station will be cleaned & sanitised before & after your appointment. There will also be hand sanitizer on every station.


· We will be taking colour deposits when we book your appointment, if you fail to attend or cancel without giving us 48 hours notice or we are unable to refill your slot – this will be kept to pay for the wasted slot.

· Please be clear on what you would like done when booking. We are expecting not to be allowed to double book clients therefore will be allowing a specific time per appointment including a clean down time. So its very important the correct time is booked out & clients keep to their appointment time. If you are unsure please contact us on Facebook.

And finally….THANKYOU!

We understand these are very different times, our ‘rules’ are purely to keep all of our staff & customers safe so we cannot thankyou enough for taking the time to read through & follow them.

We cannot wait to see you!

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